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  • Pfaff 3822

Pfaff 3822

New touch-control-panel P1 with integrated SD card reader. The P1 guarantees an intuitive operation
Edge cutter: Flat edges with no imprints (outstanding appearance)
Graduated cutting (3.5 mm on the top and
6.5 mm on the bottom material ply)
Subclass -2/42: without feather edge
trimming, trimming margin: 5.0 mm
Application of fullness on the top or bottom material ply without clamping or tacking the facings to the front section
Exact curves on the lapel tips, due to
condensed stitches
Smooth seams due to the use of a floating presser set
Typical field of application
Runstitching operations in classical men‘s or ladies‘ outerwear, e. g. front edges
Max. speed: 4,200/s.p.m. (subcl. -2/42)
3,200/s.p.m. (subcl. -2/44)
Max. stitch length: 2.7 mm
Trimming margin: 6.5 and 3.5 mm